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US-2007172761-A1: Positive photosensitive composition and method of forming pattern using the same patent, US-2007209497-A1: Sound responsive light system patent, US-2007283570-A1: Utility knife patent, US-2008025675-A1: Fiber tip detector apparatus and related methods patent, US-2008026876-A1: Ball Game Practice Device patent, US-2008068354-A1: Input Apparatus patent, US-2008140352-A1: System and method for equipment life estimation patent, US-2008176695-A1: Hybrid Vehicle Transmission with a Mechanical Reverse Function patent, US-2008213060-A1: Load Security Device Comprising a Coupling Device with Snap Action patent, US-2008227512-A1: Game of Strategy Using Trading Cards or Other Tokens patent, US-2008252134-A1: Wheel Rim Cover patent, US-2008288261-A1: Method for dynamically adjusting audio decoding process patent, US-2009013814-A1: Transmission element and mechanical coupling gear as well as a mechanical gear shift for a motor vehicle transmission patent, US-2009059234-A1: Hollow waveguide cavity ringdown spectroscopy patent, US-2009269380-A1: Methods of treating fungal, yeast and mold infections patent, US-2009281921-A1: Network-Based Grocery Store patent, US-2010052657-A1: Measurement connector patent, US-2004069934-A1: Passive touch-sensitive optical marker patent, US-2004100941-A1: Adaptive packet transmission method for transmitting packets in multibeam satellite communication system patent, US-2004178208-A1: Ice chest patent, US-2004211453-A1: Cleat for a tent patent, US-2005036909-A1: Packaged medical device with a deployable dermal tissue penetration member patent, US-2005052796-A1: Multi-conductor plug and socket apparatus patent, US-2005056741-A1: Modular safety rail system patent, US-2005057459-A1: Electro-optical device, method of driving the same, and electronic apparatus patent, US-2005081737-A1: Sectional overhead door roller assembly patent, US-2005156451-A1: Side door structure of vehicle and method of designing the side door structure patent, US-2005184705-A1: Method and system for providing a trickle charging current to a battery patent, US-2005185656-A1: Systems and methods for centralized control and management of a broadband wireless network with data processing, and enforcement distributed to the network edge patent, US-2006045269-A1: Quantum computational systems patent, US-2006063674-A1: Methods and apparatus for delivering time-release fertilizer patent, US-2006120330-A1: Method of converting communication channel in mobile communication terminal patent, US-2006144864-A1: Apparatus and method for dispensing vapocoolants patent, US-2006169321-A1: Water management and leak detection for hot water tank patent, US-2006175009-A1: Reactivatable polyurethane hot-melt adhesive patent, US-2006236105-A1: Authenticating a user of a communication device to a wireless network to which the user is not associated with patent, US-2006287014-A1: Headset with radio communication function and communication recording system using time information patent, US-2007022237-A1: Hybrid data distribution systems patent, US-2007040799-A1: Systems and methods for procesing data entered using an eye-tracking system patent, US-2007051376-A1: Composition for cushions, wounds dressings and other skin-contacting products patent, US-2007062229-A1: Key for immobilizer patent, US-2007069852-A1: Method for securing information between RFID reader and tag, and RFID reader and tag using the same patent, US-2007134953-A1: Electrical connector having a circuit board with controlled impedance patent, US-2007202967-A9: Golf pitch mark repair tool patent, US-2007233441-A1: Method, system, and apparatus for virtual modeling of biological tissue with adaptive emergent functionality patent, US-2007235237-A1: Bonnet for a vehicle patent, US-2007239099-A1: Method and device for treating microscopic tumors remaining in tissues following surgical resection patent, US-2007300300-A1: Statistical instrusion detection using log files patent, US-2008039219-A1: Billiard ball rack for three balls patent, US-2008061554-A1: Connector Part patent, US-2008100536-A1: Plasma display apparatus patent, US-2008134055-A1: Systems and Methods for Communicating patent, US-2008141992-A1: Ball Propelling Machine patent, US-2008281474-A1: System of Super Super Decoupled Loadflow Computation for Electrical Power System patent, US-2008296263-A1: Laser scribing and machining of materials patent, US-2009054778-A1: Volume Rendering Quality Adaptations for Ultrasound Imaging patent, US-2009076561-A1: Systems and methods for avoiding neural stimulation habituation patent, US-2009078479-A1: Stretchers patent, US-2009079689-A1: Display Device And Electric Apparatus Using The Same patent, US-2009146712-A1: Delay-locked loop (dll) system for determining forward clock path delay patent, US-2009193663-A1: Folding knife with a hollow handle for fastening an item therein patent, US-2009283988-A1: Toe binding of a safety ski binding patent, US-2010023047-A1: Inflatable Structure With Braided Layer patent, US-2010051423-A1: Seamless belt patent, US-2003220552-A1: Reusable analyte sensor site and method of using the same patent, US-2004041925-A1: Photographing apparatus capable of multilingual display patent, US-2004067278-A1: System for continuously producing gum with improved texture and flavor release patent, US-2004166702-A1: Semiconductor device having external contact terminals and method for using the same patent, US-2004167591-A1: Sun bathing and sauna assembly patent, US-2004199988-A1: Dual flush apparatus patent, US-2004232766-A1: Angled traction lugs for endless band patent, US-2004243211-A1: Endoscopic instrument for engaging a device patent, US-5265407-A: Oxidant blow down heater patent, US-2005066743-A1: Device for detecting rail movement patent, US-2005079877-A1: Mobile object location providing device and mobile object location providing system patent, US-2005080470-A1: Intramyocardial lead implantation system and method patent, US-2005098717-A1: Apparatus for using optical tweezers to manipulate materials patent, US-2005101408-A1: Golf club with swing balance weight cover patent, US-2005136565-A1: Fabrication of movable micromechanical components employing low-cost, high-resolution replication technology method patent, US-2005184021-A1: Railway car coupler knuckle having improved bearing surface patent, US-2006067067-A1: Backplane with routing to reduce layer count patent, US-2006120873-A1: Damper positioner for a rotor blade folding system patent, US-2006128952-A1: Process for the recovery of hemicelluloses from lignocellulosic material patent, US-2006224794-A1: Using USB memory device to recover operating system patent, US-2006239467-A1: Auditory sense training method and sound processing method for auditory sense training patent, US-2007085075-A1: Light Emitting Device, Electronic Equipment and Apparatus For Manufacturing the Same patent, US-2007135138-A1: Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing location based subscription services patent, US-2007136208-A1: Image output apparatus and image output method patent, US-2007140423-A1: Imaging system with long-standoff capability patent, US-2007184902-A1: Massively scalable multi-player game system patent, US-2007208438-A1: Remote building control data display with automatic updates patent, US-2007227315-A1: Torque Tool patent, US-2008149472-A1: Photochlorination and Fluorination Process for Preparation of Fluorine-Containing Hydrocarbons patent, US-2009015457-A1: Passive outdoor millimeter wave illuminator patent, US-2009048403-A1: Compositions Obtained From Recycled Polyolefins patent, US-2009052500-A1: Multi-band signal detection patent, US-2009215581-A1: Multi-speed transaxle for a front wheel drive vehicle patent, US-2009265707-A1: Optimizing application performance on virtual machines automatically with end-user preferences patent, US-2009282996-A1: Printing press with different fixed cutoffs and method patent, US-2009326044-A1: RNAi-Mediated Inhibition of Ocular Targets patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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